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Crawl Space Encapsulations

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing the inside of a crawl space underneath the home with a protective covering. After the treatment, your crawl space will no longer be a damp, dirty area with the potential to grow mold. Crawl space encapsulation can have a tremendous impact on your home. It not only protects your home but you as well. Therefore, here are some of the many benefits of crawl space encapsulation

  • Breathe Easier

    Vented crawl spaces have a huge negative impact on indoor air quality. When there is better air quality in the crawl space, there will be better air quality in your living space.

  • Enhance comfort

    Once your crawl space is encapsulated, your floors won’t be cold in the winter and your home will not be muggy in the summer.

  • HVAC system longevity

    A furnace, air handler or duct work in a vented crawl space does not last as long as a system that is in a conditioned crawl space.

  • Reduce chances of floor repairs

    Moisture rots wood and can cause hardwood flooring to buckle. Crawl space encapsulation provides protection from moisture and temperature fluctuations that cause flooring issues.

  • Lower energy bills

    Crawl space encapsulation can reduce energy bills by up to 20%.

  • Pest control

    A sealed crawl space provides protection against insects, snakes and other pests.


crawl space encapsulation
crawl space encapsulation


crawl space encapsulation


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