Smart Thermostat

What You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is a critical point in any home’s heating and cooling system. It can either regulate temperature directly or be the control center for your heating and cooling system. When considering your options for thermostats, it is important to ask yourself which option fits your lifestyle.

What's wrong

Thermostat Not Working?

If your heating and cooling system is no longer responding to your thermostat, there are many things you can try to fix the problem. Most thermostat issues are not major problems, which is why they usually fall into four major problem categories.

Connection Issues

The first thing to check for is connection problems. Make sure that your thermostat is properly connected to your heating and cooling system. Slowly raise the temperature on your thermostat, does your furnace make a sound? If not, there is most likely a connection issue. If you are not comfortable with checking the wires of your thermostat, call RSP! Our NATE certified technicians are happy to help.

Dirt Build Up

The next thing to check is dirt build up. Clean your thermostat of any webs, debris, or dust, as these can interrupt your thermostat’s signals, preventing it from functioning. Use a can of compressed air, or a small, soft cleaning brush. Do not get any component of your thermostat wet, as this will damage it beyond repair. Use normal electronic cleaning procedures, to eliminate dust, without damaging the electronic components.

Loose Components

Now it is time to check for loose components within your thermostat. Oftentimes, wires can come loose, detach, or become corroded. Screws can also loosen and cause disconnections. Make sure to remove the batteries and turn off the power via your breaker box before removing the cover of your thermostat. Fix loose wires, tighten screws, and replace corroded components if necessary, then replace the cover before turning the power back on.

Out with the Old

Outdated and old thermostats can actually cost you more money than a replacement. Constant repairs and energy waste, will increase your energy cost, and cost you lots of time. Most smart thermostat options, such as Ecobee, and some digital thermostats are designed to easily connect with existing heating and cooling systems. They can be purchased once, connected, and programmed to fit your system rather quickly. 

Benefits of a Smart Themostat

Unlike most thermostat options, which only allow limited control of your heating and cooling system. Smart thermostat options, such as Ecobee allow complete control of your homes temperature anytime, and anywhere. Unlike traditional thermostats that can only alter the temperature of the entire house. Smart thermostats often come with smart sensors which allow you to keep specific rooms in your house at different temperatures. This level of control is incredibly helpful if you live with others. Along with keeping you comfortable, smart thermostats can also keep your wallet happy. People who use Ecobee and similar smart thermostats, cut down on wasted energy costs, cutting their energy bills by 23%. You can preheat your home before you arrive, or set your thermostat to save energy before leaving for vacation, all from your mobile device. Smart thermostats pay for themselves in energy savings.

Complete Control of Temperature

Room Specific Control

Energy Bill Savings

Smart Thermostat Models

The Emerson Programmable Digital Thermostat

Large Bright Screen
7 Day Programming
Dual Fuel Control, no outdoor sensor required
Auto Changeover
Keypad Lockout
5 Year Warranty when installed by a HVAC professional

Trane 824 Smart Thermostat

Large Colored Touch Screen
7 Day Programming, 4 Time Periods a Day
Dual Fuel Control
Wireless Sensors can be added
Nexia App, can control from smart phone or tablet
Check Weather & Humidity Percentages
Monthly Graphs that shoe Runtime & Call Counts
10 Year Parts Warranty

Trane 824 Smart Thermostat

Large Colored Touch Screen
7 Day Programming, 4 Time Periods a Day
HomeIQ – Get Monthly Reports on System and Operation
Thermostat can be Controlled by App
Can Send Alerts and Reminders Through App
Smart Recovery, Learns Your Heating & Cooling Patterns
Can be set up with Sensors for Hot and Cold Spots in Home
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