Repair vs. Replace

Repair or Replace?

Is Your Heating & Cooling System reaching the end of its lifecycle?

Don’t worry! RSP can help you evaluate and choose the most cost-effective path to comfort. We take the time to help you understand your options and decide if you need to Repair or Replace your current HVAC system. If your system is 10-12 years old, it may be time to start planning for replacement. For example, system efficiency and dependability decrease as equipment ages. The efficiency of your HVAC system has a tremendous impact on a variety of issues within your home. 

How a Poorly functioning HVAC system can affect your home:

High Utility Bills

Indoor Air Quality

Uncomfortable Environment

Corrosion & Carbon Monoxide Leask

Increase Efficiency

Schedule Your System Clean & Check

60% of your household energy usage comes from your HVAC system, so an efficient heating and air unit is an investment that’s worth the up-front cost in the long run. The more efficient it is, the more money you save. Interested in finding out more? Schedule a free estimate.

If your unit is in good condition and working fine, we can help you extend its lifespan with proper checkups and routine maintenance. Our Cozy Club will help protect the investment you have in your heating and cooling system and prevent costly repairs. Contact us to schedule your system clean and check.

Our NATE certified technicians will ensure that your unit is in top shape, year round. You can have the peace of mind that your system is running at the highest efficiency it can, and that you are saving money every step of the way.
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