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It’s easy to make a mistake when you are shopping for a new heating and air conditioning system. Selecting a new system is a stressful and significant decision. But, don’t worry. Upgrading and replacing your old system does not have to be an overwhelming process. RSP is here to help make that process as easy as possible for you. So, if you are worried about making a mistake while purchasing a new system, here are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid making them.


Unit Size

Many homeowners are taught that a larger HVAC system is more effective but a smaller system will save money. However, this is incorrect. A system that is correctly sized for your home is what will be the most efficient, cost-effective, and perform the greatest. 


Installing a system that is too small or too big leads to unwanted problems. A system that is smaller than what is needed will have to work too hard to reach the desired temperature, so it will wear down faster and not have as long of a lifespan as it could. A unit that is too big, however, will use a lot of power and be costly. Our heating and air conditioning pros at RSP will help you to determine what size unit you need for your home. 


Maintenance vs. Replacement

Another common mistake that homeowners make is to jump straight to the conclusion that they need to replace their HVAC system at the first sign of trouble. Instead of setting up a maintenance visit to see if their system could just be repaired, they assume that a full replacement is needed and skip over more cost-effective repairs.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something that is essential for every homeowner to consider as they look for a new HVAC system. This plays a role in making sure that you are comfortable with the temperature of your home. When considering the efficiency of a unit, look for an Energy Star rated product and at the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Government standards dictate that the minimum SEER is 13 and a SEER of 16 and above is energy efficient. We recommend that you buy the most efficient system that you can afford because it will end up saving you money in the long run. 



While price is an important factor while purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system, it is also important to keep the actual benefits of a unit, such as being environmentally friendly or the operating cost. Looking for features that maximize performance can save you money in the long term. 



Many HVAC systems may seem like they aren’t an option because of their price, but did you know that rebates can help? A lot of rebates are offered to help get higher efficiency models into homes, so a high-efficiency model may be closer to your budget than you might think. Be sure to look into your rebate options and check with your HVAC contractor to learn more about your options.



Another crucial mistake that a lot of homeowners make when purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system is not asking questions throughout the process. A new HVAC system is a huge purchase and you deserve to be fully informed throughout the process. Make sure that you ask questions such as the life expectancy of the unit, what your warranty options are, or even how long the installation will take.



Ductwork often gets ignored when homeowners are installing a new system, even though it is an important part of knowing whether or not the old system truly needs to be replaced. Check your ducts for cleaning or repair needs. Damaged or dirty ducts could be the cause of the problem and you may not even need to replace the system.


Choose RSP Heating and Cooling

So, if you’re looking for a heating and cooling provider who is reliable and trustworthy, look no further than RSP. We offer financing options as well as rebates and incentives. Schedule your free estimate or service call by contacting us today!

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