Furnace Making Noise When Off

Is Your Furnace Making Noise When Off?

Every furnace makes a little noise when they are on. It’s hard to tell the difference between good noises and bad noises. These are noises you will want to listen for this winter:

Grinding Sounds

If you hear a grinding sound then there is something wrong with the cage blower wheel. This noise then is a sign that you should turn off the furnace right away. If you keep it running it could cause damage to the heating system.

How to fix this issue depends on the source of the problem. The blower wheel may need to be tightened but this must be done by a professional technician. Additionally, the wheel may also need to be replaced if it is broken. The motor mount may also need repaired.

Booming Sounds

You may occasionally hear a booming sound coming from your furnace. This can happen when the burner assembly becomes partially blocked or something is broken/disconnected. Blockage can occur when there is an accumulation of carbon particles that are produced after natural gas combusts. If the particles are not removed then…BOOM. That’s where the noise is coming from. You can avoid this by getting a regular furnace tune-up.

Squealing Noises

Friction of moving parts can cause your furnace to make a squealing sound. It usually comes from the blower motor. If the parts rub together without lubrication then it can make a squealing noise. Here are some other causes to this problem:
Unmaintained furnace bearings
A belt that needs replaced
Failing compressor
Malfunctioning blower motor
Don’t ignore this sound. It can cause a lot of damage if gone untreated. Call your local hvac company right away if you hear this sound.

Thumping Sound

The blower wheel of your furnace may be unbalanced if you hear a thumping sound. It kinda sounds like a washing machine. The motor may also be misaligned. If that is the case then get it fixed by a professional immediately!

A thumping sound gone untreated can be costly. If you fix it right away then it should be a cheap and easy fix. All furnace repairs need to be done sooner than later. If you live in Southern Illinois then give RSP Heating and Cooling a call!
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