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The RSP Cozy Club is a fully comprehensive energy savings agreement from RSP Heating and Cooling. This agreement is for homeowners who want to protect their heating and cooling system investment and get the most energy efficiency out of their homes. Moreover, heating and cooling accounts for more than half of your utility bills. Therefore, it pays to make energy efficiency a priority. Contact RSP today to learn how Cozy Club can save you money!

Cozy Club Benefits

Preventative maintenance lowers your safety risks and your energy usage too! Enrolling in the RSP Cozy Club will give you maximum savings and comfort. Additionally, you will gain peace of mind. Above all, contact us today to find out more about the Cozy Club Gas Furnace Inspection and A/C or Heat Pump Inspection.
20% off on Service Repairs
Flexible Payment Options
Preferred Customer Response
Reduce Your Energy Cost
No Overtime Charges
Extend The Life of Your Equipment
Minimize the Possibility of System Breakdowns
Live Operator 24/7
365 days a year
2 Complete Precision Tune-ups Per Year
Convenient Monthly Pay Plan Available

Join the Cozy Club

Cozy Club is the ideal way to keep your home comfortable year round. You are covered from all things HVAC. Let RSP take another worry off of your mind, with RSP HVAC’s Cozy Club.

Our Expert Technicians Conduct Thorough Inspections.

The maintenance inspection includes the following:
Gas Furnace Inspection
A/C or Heat Pump Inspection
Check thermostat operation & calibration
Oil or grease all motors and bearings
Replace furnace filter (customer supplied)
Measure temperature differentials
Check concentric kit for blockages
Visual inspection of heat exchanger
Hydroscan performed on heat exchanger
Clean flame sensor or thermocouple
Clean spark igniter
Cleanse furnace burners
Check resistance of igniter
Clean condensate drain
Inspect and adjust blower belt
Check motor capacitors
Check & tighten electrical connections
Test gas pressure and adjust if needed
Check electrical components
Monitor pressure switch operation
Measure proper flue draft
Monitor operation of all safety functions
Test smoke detectors
Test carbon monoxide detectors
Check evaporator coil
Monitor expansion valve
Clean drain line
Adjust bypass dampers (if needed)
Replace filter (customer supplied)
Tighten electrical connections
Evaluate safety controls
Measure temperature difference
Check fan blades for tightness
Lubricate fan motor
Check start and run capacitors
Inspect start relay
Check refrigerant charge
Adjust operating pressures
Measure voltage difference
Measure amp draw
Evaluate vent system
Test fan limit switch
Adjust thermostat calibration
Inspect valves
Clean evaporator coil if accessible
Apply protective coating to outside unit
Lubricate all moving parts
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Preventative maintenance can help your equipment last longer, lower energy usage, and protect against costly repairs. Gain peace of mind today. Contact RSP today to learn how Cozy Club can save you money!
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