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Are you changing your AC filter?

Think about how much dust and lint builds up in the dryer filter after just doing one load of laundry. Your AC filter can build up dust and debris that quick too. The filter stops all that dust from getting into your HVAC unit. If the filter get clogged then dust will actually get into the unit and cause damage to the AC equipment. A clogged filter can also stop air from actually getting in and making the AC unit practically useless. If your hvac unit gets damaged or stops working then you will have to call an hvac company for AC repair. To avoid this you should regularly change your AC filter. 

When to change the air filter

You should be changing your AC filter once a month if you are using the AC regularly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to call an hvac company to replace the filter. This is a quick and easy job that you can do yourself. Don’t know how to go about changing your AC filter? We’ll walk you through the steps!

How to change the air filter

First step: Find the air filter. There are many places it could be. Look in or near the blower system or try the return air duct. You might have to open a metal panel to get to the filter. If you still can’t find it then call a local HVAC company like RSP Heating and Cooling. We would be happy to show you where your filter is so that you can change your filter. A quick call with us can save you a lot of money on AC repair. 

Second step: Choose the correct air filter. Some filters are reusable and some are disposable.  Before you buy a new filter, make sure you are buying the right size. The filter size can be seen on the side of the filter usually. Try buying in bulk so that you don’t run out of filters any time soon. You will also want a filter that extracts mold and unsafe contaminants in the air. Try buying HEPA filters with a high MERV rating (10+). 

Third step: Clean or replace! Now it’s time to clean or replace the air filter. For your safety and the safety of the equipment, you will want to turn off the power of the HVAC unit. Next, take out the old filter by sliding it out of the slot. Check to see if the filter is clogged. If it is so clogged you can’t see light through it then replace it immediately. If your filter is a reusable one then follow the instructions on how to clean it. It usually just needs a wash or vacuumed. When putting the filter back into its place, make sure the arrows are pointing the right way. There will be arrows on the side that will show you how to put it in the right way. 

And voilà! Your filter is replaced and good for another month. Wasn’t that easy? Mark in your calendar to replace it the following months so that you don’t forget. You will also want to remember to get your HVAC maintenance done regularly. Having an expert check on your HVAC unit can make it last for twice as long. Be sure to call a local HVAC company to come look at your equipment. If you are located in Southern Illinois call RSP Heating and Cooling. We specialize in furnace and AC repair and installation. Give us a call at (618)942-2424 or find us on Facebook!

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